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We are DHH Law Firm Vietnam.

Established in 2016 and tracing its origins back to Consulting and Development Dai Huy Hoang LLC, Dai Huy Hoang Law Firm (DHH Law Firm VN) has demonstrated unwavering resilience in the face of challenges. Our triumphant journey from a lawyer in Ho Chi Minh City to establishing branches worldwide embodies our spirit and perseverance. With the economic hub of Ho Chi Minh City and robust branches in Ha Noi, we've emerged as an influential Ho Chi Minh City law firm.

Even when navigating crises, our resolve never subsides. We stay committed, leveraging our profound understanding and the exceptional resilience of our team. We are a hardened unit forged in the crucible of trials and tribulations. We are ready to assist the international community with legal services for international businesses in Vietnam.

Legal service for us goes beyond a mere service — it's an enormous weight of trust and responsibility that we cherish. With our experience in offering HCMC legal services and legal assistance for foreigners in Vietnam, we understand how vital it is to nurture this trust. In our quest to provide unparalleled service, we've developed robust hiring, training, and practice norms guided by our doctrine of keeping a cool head, a passionate heart, and clean hands.

Cases, Disputes, Business Projects and Management, Couples and Individuals supported since 2016

Hours of Consultation and Support that we provided to our clients, on-site and online.

Skilled and Experienced Hard Workers to provide the best service and experience.

Satisfied Clients ranging from Vietnamese to Foreigners since 2016, and still counting!

Feeling lost with the Vietnam Law? We are here to help you.

DHH Law Firm VN provides a full range of legal services with particular emphasis on the following areas of expertise:

Understanding The Concept: Cooperation Investment

In the complex landscape of business and commerce, two key elements—cooperation and investment—emerge as the cornerstones of sustainable growth and prosperity. In the legal arena, it is crucial to understand the interplay between these two aspects.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual rights intertwine with copyrights, trademarks, inventions, patents, geographical indications, business secrets, and commercial identities.

Tax Consultation

In the convoluted world of taxes, having expert legal services is paramount. With our skilled team of tax law experts in Vietnam, accountants, auditors, and lawyers - you have unwavering support in navigating business revenue, profits, individual income tax, and concerns linked to the dense legal system in Vietnam.

Bank and Finance

If you're about to embark into the financial world of Vietnam, filled with complex loan contracts and mortgage agreements, don't let anxiety consume you. Our team of experts is available to clarify the often intimidating landscape of finance law; we make your navigation through it a success.

Visa and Immigration

Are you aiming to live and work in Vietnam? According to Vietnamese law, you'll need a proper visa. Our law firm, staffed with a diverse, multilingual team, closely collaborates with state agencies to navigate the complexity of varying cultures and intricate cases regarding legal services in Vietnam.

Real Estate

Embarking on a real estate venture, particularly in Vietnam, can be filled with legal intricacies and transactional hurdles. Fear not, as we provide extensive legal services in Vietnam tailored towards ensuring a smooth foray into the real estate market.


From a legal standpoint, our main objective is to protect our client’s rights as quickly and effectively as possible. We offer a wide range of services and are committed to crafting bespoke strategies for each case.


We are one of the most highly regarded legal services firms in Vietnam. We are trusted for our ability to deliver outstanding levels of success to our clients.